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Resident's welcome guide

Welcome from the city’s mayor

I would like to offer you the warmest of welcomes to Palma and wish you luck in the life project you are now embarking upon in our city. Palma is a place of opportunity, a modern and cosmopolitan city with a great quality of life and plenty to offer.

It is also a space where people live together in harmony and work to build a vibrant city day after day. It is for this reason that I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to get involved in our city, its festivities, its services, its participatory mechanisms, etc.

Palma City Council aplays a direct role in matters that affect residents’ daily lives: cleaning, public transport, roads, sport, children’s education and all manner of other essential services. At Cort we work to ensure that Palma offers a broad range of quality public services, and it is important that residents know about them and make good use of them.

This is why we are presenting you this guide, with useful information on all the different resources that are available to you.

José Hila Vargas

Mayor of Palma

Citizen support

How can we help you?

Eliminate the need to travel to the Council offices in person by accessing the website

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Citizen Card

Palma residents with a digital certificate or digital ID Solicítala en línia

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Sustainable mobility

Welcome! Palma City Council works to achieve safe, efficient and sustainable mobility in the municipality of Palma. It is dedicated to mobility on foot, by bicycle or on the various forms of public transport, as well as to traffic, goods transport and parking.

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Palma Activa

Work, Training and Business

PalmaActiva is Palma City Council’s Local Development Agency.
Its mission is to drive an economy that generates stable, quality employment and to promote job and business training in Palma.

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IB-SALUT’s PATIENT’s PORTAL is available to you via your mobile, tablet or computer, where all residents can arrange appointments with doctors, nurses and consult a summarised version of your medical records.

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IME (Palma City Council’s Municipal Sports’ Institute) promotes sport, physical activity and healthy habits amongst the residents of Palma. By using the website you can find out where your nearest sports centre is, what activities it offers. Get yourself moving!

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Cultural sites and Centres

Discover all the latest cultural events happening in Palma

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Neighbourhood Cultural Centres

Subscription to the cultural calendar newsletter and info on Palma’s cultural centres and sites.

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Festivity calendar

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Water, cleaning and selective waste

EMAYA (Municipal Water And Sewage Company) is the company responsible for the distribution and sanitation of water, street cleaning and waste collection.

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Animal shelter

Promotes the well-being of animals and respect for the environment.

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Beaches and bathing zones

Before travelling, find out how Palma’s beaches are and the bathing assistance service

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