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Water, cleaning and selective waste

EMAYA (Municipal Water And Sewage Company) is the company responsible for the distribution and sanitation of water, street cleaning and waste collection. It ensures good living conditions for Palma residents and the conservation of the environment, at all times committed to continuous improvement and sustainable technological innovation.

Request to set up a new account or notify of a change of occupant for a new water supply point from your own home.

Manage you contracts with EMAYA too.

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Do you have any old furniture or junk?

Before taking them out, make sure you respect your pick-up day.

The street, the neighbourhood, the city, are also our home and we must take good care of it. Each neighbourhood has a day set aside for you to take out the junk. When this day is a holiday, the collection is also done.

How do you know what day to pick up?

Enter the name of your street in the search engine that you will find below and you will know the day of collection that corresponds to you. Remember that you must always take the junk out at the same time: from 8pm to 10pm.

Below you will find more information about the collection service for old furniture and junk.

Check your collection day

You can also leave them in the green parks of Son Castelló and San Jordi. The incivism costs up to 3,000 euros in fines.

Animal shelter Son Reus

When you adopt a dog or cat you give a fresh opportunity to your new-found friend. Son Reus promotes the well-being of animals and respect for the environment.

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